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Panel Notes: Teen Girls On Quests On the Silver Screen

 From Dorothy to Ofelia: Teen Girls on Quests on the Silver Screen
Teenage girls don't get to go on quests all that often -- especially in movies. Are there movies we can share with our daughters that offer more inspiring storylines than anything from Disney? Is there a prototypical Heroine's Journey?
M: Cat Rambo, Sigrid Ellis, David Emerson, Naomi Kritzer

Naomi had proposed panel after watching Labyrinth, and that movie came up over and over again in conversation. One of the things noted was that in female quests, power seems to be more often achieved through being patient and kind than aggressive actions. Beyond that, RTFM (following directions) seemed to be a characteristic of female protagonists.

David noted in a later email that rites of passage for women tended to be more internal and suggested we should have discussed Labyrinth even more.

Sigrid noted: "I don't have a problem with the Disney pantheon, as long as it's part of a balanced diet."

We realized we were coming up with two kinds of movies: quests seemed to be more for kids who wanted to become teens, while movies aimed at those who were already teens seemed to contain storylines featuring romance.

Tim Burton's Alice came up for frequent discussion as well, particularly the way the Alice in this movie seems more actively engaged in a quest than earlier versions.

The list of suggested movies:
Anything by Hayao Miyazaki
Alice in Wonderland'
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Catch That Kid
Escape to Witch Mountain
The Golden Compass
Harriet the Spy
The Hunger Days (still forthcoming)
Ice Princess
The Incredibles
Legally Blonde
Mean Girls
The Nancy Drew movie
Northanger Abbey
Peter Pan live action movies
The Princess Knight
Rabbitproof Fence
Sailor Moon
Sarah Jane Adventures
the Spy Kids movies
the Star Wars prequels
10 Things I Hate About You
True Grit
Whale Rider

Books that we'd like to see made into movies:
Mercedes Lackey Valdemar series
Tamora Pierce's series
Flora Segunda
Podkayne of Mars
Dealing with Dragons
City of Ember
Scott Westerfield's YA series

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