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Sending Stuff Out

 This week, I've been trying to get all my stories out and circulating. I'm down to the last odd bits. What's left?
  • One odd literary experiment of a non spec-fic nature (1700 words)
  • One historical fantasy (5000 words) featuring 19th century suffragettes and the devil that I just looked at and am trying to figure out if it's racist or not. I was mortified to realize it contains A Magic Negro. Perhaps fixable. Perhaps I'm overthinking things. Going to stick that aside and mull it over.
  • A piece of flash.
  • A very bad piece written for the Apex Urban legends and Extraterrestrials contest. This is why I shouldn't write for contests or theme anthologies.
  • A horror story that really needs to be re-written.
  • A very odd far sf story (6200 words) featuring time travel and Victoria Woodhull that also involves incest.
  • Another literary story left over from time at JHU that was originally intended to be part of a cycle of similar stories.
  • One very good fantasy story that I'm holding onto for when (if?) Strange Horizons rejects what they currently have from me. :p
And then, of course, there's some reprints I'd like to send out...but I'll leave that for another week!
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