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Snippet from current story

My name is Podkayne.
Yeah, my parents read too much sf.
They would have been proud, though. Here in the middlw of the 21st century, I run a courier ship between Earth, Luna, the space stations, Mars, and the Inner Gate. You need as little mass as possible to run a snipship, and I am one of the smallest, fastest. Good pay, and most of the time I'm low-g, which is easiest on me.
Freetime I slum around Luna, where my best girlfriend Pippi lives, or she and I go prospecting out in the shadow of the Gate, like the other several dozen other crazies, hoping to stumble on an alien artifact, make us all rich. It's not too impossible a dream, though.
Someone's going to do it, eventually, in one form or another.

I had a permanent cradle walker left at Luna, that's how much time I spent there. Pippi worked as a sportscaster for the biggest channel there, MBSA. Her name's not really Pippi, but she had orange braids and long legs and freckles everywhere, so what else could everyone call her?
We met back in college where we were roommates. She had eight siblings, ranging in age from twelve to three months. She was prepared for anything, and a roomie with lower limb reduction defect didn't phase her at all. I'd come in with a chip pre-loaded on my shoulder, but after a couple of weeks, I relaxed.
They called me the Gimp; most of the time it was affectionate. Pippi was borderline Aspy, called it like it was, which caused her enough troubles on her own. You had to explain to her why you were angry or sad or whatever, but once she knew what was going on, she was as considerate as could be.
The Aspiness is what makes her an excellent sportscaster – she knows every sports score for the last half century, and a lot beyond that. You can't come up with a trivia question that's lunar sports related that she can't answer. She was passionate about it in a way that charmed the camera.

Some notes: this is partially my tribute to influences Robert Heinlein and John Varley, as well as an attempt to write about disability. It's a learning experience for me, so any feedback is more than welcome.
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