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Snippet From Current Story, "How Dogs Came To The New Continent"

From the current story, which is a historical account of early Tabat, tentatively entitled "How Dogs Came To The New Continent." I think I'll finish this today or tomorrow, which will make three stories (2 fantasy, 1 sf, running about 4k each) finished in about a week, so I feel like I am CRUISING ON HIGH OCTANE, and doing well. Maybe some more coffee in a bit.

I was thinking about a post talking about reprints (audio, English, and international) and why I spend some of my time pursuing them. Would that be useful to readers?

A year later, two exploratory parties were dispatched, each numbering a dozen and named for a quality of soul, Mercy and Tenacity. Both parties were accompanied by a pair of great Ducal hounds. This action diminished the pack to ten, so the risk was significant, yet the Duke wished to signify his investment in the fruits of the exploration.

Mercy's hounds were Cavall and Laurens, both young males. They accompanied the leader, a scholar-warrior named Mikka Fenmerry, and a handful of soldiers. They were a pleasant, youthful group who enjoyed their trip along the western edge of the northern river, drinking wine and living off the game they caught and fruit they gathered, which grew more and more bountiful as summer wore on and autumn approached.

Fenmerry's journal details many wonders: hot springs and the great snakes that lived in their waters; a talking face carved into a hill side; vast quantities of game; plants rumored to cure snakebite and miscarriage and greed (none of these survived their trip back to Tabat, alas); an ancient road made of gray stone, warm and greasy feeling to the touch; ghosts that rode horses; flower-bearing clouds and an island which floated in the sky far above them one day. They shouted up to it, but it appeared unoccupied. Fenmerry estimated that it might have been as much as a mile above them. Vegetation was visible on its sides, but they were unable to obtain samples.
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