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More From the Current Story, "How Dogs Came To The New Continent"

Still enjoying working on this. I've thought of more for the ending, which will extend it a little. I've also figured out how to use it in the expansion/rewrite of The Moon's Accomplice.

The Valor reported that it had traveled along the coast, finding great alkali flats and poisonous nymphs, as well as a city of intelligent wasps, who were eradicated by means of sulfur smoke and salt of lead. At times they were forced inland to find a place where they might ford larger rivers, but whenever possible, they stuck to the water's edge, mapping as they went.

The expedition reported great hatcheries of birds as well as of Harpies, who screamed at them in an unknown tongue and flew high above them in order to void their bowels, causing the explorers to move along quickly and leave the creatures' territory uncontested.

On the salt flats, while looting the wasp city, they spotted what seemed to be humanoids dressed in spined armor, but were unable to track any down. Finally, the dogs brought a small representative of the species back to the city, and they discovered it to be an ambulatory cactus, sized like a ten year old human, but covered with bristles and thorns that made it difficult to handle. They were forced to bandage the mouths of the hounds and use spears and poles to force the beast into a rough cage they had constructed. In the morning they found the bars broken and the humanoid gone. The Valor saw nothing more of the Thornwalkers, who would harry later explorers and settlers with fierce and cruel warfare that stopped at no barbarity.
Tags: how dogs came to the new continent, short stories, tabat, teasers, wip
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