Cat Rambo (catrambo) wrote,
Cat Rambo


More about the zoo:

It was a retired man and woman, living over in Arlington that apparently had pet kangaroos and about eight years decided to make it a public venture because people kept coming by to see the kangaroos. Kate, if you ever want to take the grandkids, I've got the brochure.

I have mixed feelings about it. This is the same conflict I face every time with zoos and aquariums. I love the things they hold; I hate the fact that they exist. One side of me is appalled at people who insist on fancy pets like this, because it ends up creating so many problems for the animals, whether they're smuggled out of their native habitat, fed things that aren't in their diet, kept in crappy conditions, and finally sold to a canned hunt place when they're no longer wanted. To do them justice, this was a place where the animals are obviously LOVED, and all of them were US-raised. All of them named, all coming nibbling for bread, all sweet as pie, and they had a one-legged kangaroo who they were obviously taking good care of.

And another side of me is squealing like a five year old - I got to pet kangaroos! The flickr pictures are up here:
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