Cat Rambo (catrambo) wrote,
Cat Rambo

The Con Meme

I fall in line with the rest. Next year, I will be doing the following travelling:

Rustycon 24 (Jan 12-14) Seattle - Possibly

London and ?? - sometime in February. The plan is to crash at Heather's and then just see what cities there are cheap flights to for a couple of weeks.

Potlatch 16 (Mar 9-11 '07) Portland - for sure

Norwescon 30 (April 5-8 2007) - Seattle - for sure

Wiscon (May 25-28) for sure

North Carolina either before or after WisCon, and I expect Ada to come see me this year, particularly since I know I will have Kris and possibly Heather along

Worldcon (Japan,September) is a possibility

WFC (November 1–4) for sure
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