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Corners and Reports and Exhortations

I trimmed 600+ spam comments off the old Zalanthas-based blog and pointed people who still read that to this one, because duping posts is a pain in the rear.  I keep trying to find ways to cut corners and save time, and that's a good one.

Unsubscribing from some lists is another good idea, and that's probably next. I'm also getting better about jotting down what I want to get done each day in the morning. The problems in that are a) I get overly ambitious, write down everything I want to get done in the course of a month and then scare myself into paralysis and go play Civ instead, b) I still get easily distracted, and c) some items are pretty vague, i.e. "finish novel".

Today's goals are a press release, a study guide unit, and a rough draft of an essay on blogging done -- just finished all the really pressing MUD e-mails and quashed a flamey, rules-breaking thread on the game's discussion board -- before I head down to Norwescon. I am still debating whether or not to just work like heck today and then happily goof off Friday and Sat or go ahead and take the time off this afternoon to ride the bus down there to register and hang out a bit, and catch up on that work by taking the laptop to the con with me.

I am so looking forward to hanging out with Heather and mah homies as well as a lot of other people I don't usually see much of that I kinda want to do the former so I can enjoy myself without qualms.

Reading is 6:00 Saturday!! There will be chocolate and a lot of good fiction!! If you come to my reading I will come to yours!! :) Please don't make me stand there reading to Wayne, the other readers, and two random strangers who will sit in the back row and bolt for the door, leaning low as though avoiding gunfire, halfway through.

Today's Dialogue Chez Rambo:
There's a very special someone appearing on 30 Rock tonight!

Alas, it was not so. It's Gob, though, which is cool.

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