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The Story of Haggadah

I've always thought this was the best example I've witnessed of how screwy people can be on a mud. This took place on the first mud I ever played/worked on, Dark Castle, which was a pretty straightforward hack and slash.

There was a high level paladin named Haggadah. I didn't group with him much - he was more advanced than my little monk, so mainly I cruised through a few areas I could solo, patiently working my way upward. I did occasionally end up in a group he was in. At some point, the character announced that the player's girlfriend was running him, to test out what mudding was like. She spent a lot of time talking to other players and eventually, "she" was running the character more than "Chris" - the name of the original player.

Finally, one night, she started chatting over the gossip channel to announce that Chris had been in a car accident and was in the hospital. She said she was logged onto the mud from a nurse's station, or something like that. At some point, she announced "Chris" was in a coma. This went on for a while, with various people expressing either their condolences or their disbelief. A few days later, she gave us a play by play of "Chris" waking from his coma and running around the hospital, trailing tubes until he ran up to the roof and threatened to jump off. Again, the blow by blow, instantaneous nature of the reporting seemed...unlikely, to use the kindest word, but she insisted again that she couldn't do much but continue to mud while the hospital personnel had everything locked down and were trying to track down "Chris".

From there the story got weirder. When finally wrestled back to bed, or so the female voice (whose name, I'm afraid, I've forgotten, but I think it was Lisa) related, "Chris" had suffered amnesia and had gone back six months, to the time period before he had started dating her, and now hated her with a passion.

I don't remember how it ended, aside from a vague story that she claimed to have taken morphine in a suicide attempt and set herself adrift in a small boat in the Artic Sea (most of her events had happened in Europe, where, oddly enough, it was harder to track down the truth of things than in America). But it was a hell of a story, and a great example of lies snowballing. I think after she died, "Chris" started playing again. But he wouldn't talk much about his old girlfriend.

The best thing, of course, is that Haggadah means soemthing like "story" or "narrative".
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