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Cat Rambo

The World Remains Mysterious

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14 November
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My name is Cat Rambo. I am a science fiction and fantasy writer. A list of my publications appears at http://www.kittywumpus.net that includes Asimov's, Strange Horizons, and Weird Tales. A former tech writer for the Visual Basic.NET team at Microsoft, I have also worked in the information security field and still do some technology journalism on a freelance basis. I also teach at Bellevue College on writing F&SF and blogging.

I am a board member of Broad Universe and also do some volunteer work for Clarion West. I attended Ann Crispin's Advanced Writing Class at DragonCon in 2004 and Clarion West in 2005, and continue to take classes at cons and at the RIchard Hugo House when possible. My book of short stories, co-written with Jeff VanderMeer, THE SURGEON'S TALE AND OTHER STORIES, appeared in 2007. EYES LIKE COAL AND SMOKE AND MOONLIGHT followed in 2009 from Paper Golem Press and is an Endeavor Award finalist. My agent is Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown Ltd.

I used to run an online game, Armageddon MUD, which I worked with for about fifteen years now. I am Sanvean on there and have written a couple of articles about it and gaming in general, as well as reams of game documentation. I continue to game, although nowadays it's a mix of casual, console (Xbox and PS2), and World of Warcraft (look for me as Brightweed, leader of the Glamazons on the Scryers).

I am politically leftist and ardently feminist, hoping for the arrival of the post-capitalist age, but in a Waiting for Godot sort of way. I believe human beings have an innate responsibility to behave in an ethical way towards other beings. I believe in peace and kindness and treating the earth with the love and respect that entity deserves. I think corporations are innately anti-human and corrupt, and that their involvement in politics is a movement in a very bad direction. I am convinced that art has the power to change minds and therefore entire cultures. All of these convictions are often mirrored in my writing.

For those who care about credentials, I have a BA in English with a certificate in Gender Studies from the University of Notre Dame and an MA from the Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars. I spent some time in the English PhD program at Indiana University. I have taught writing and women's studies at Johns Hopkins, Towson State University, Indiana University, the Center for Talented Youth, and Bellevue College as well as workshops for companies and educational programs. I am a certified Master Gardener and can make a chocolate souffle. In Rock Band, I can handle singing, bass, or guitar. I was the writer GoH at 2009 ConFusion.

You are welcome to follow me on other networks. I am Catrambo on Delicious, Digg, GoodReads, StumbleUpon, Twitter and Cat Rambo on LinkedIn.

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